The best season of treatment: May-June  

Using time: 5 time a day

The best places to drink Kymyz:  Kyrgyz Turan Kymyz Complex in Suusamyr

Price per person: 35 USD

Included: Accommodation (yurt or standard room), 5 times saamal (horse’s milk), 3 times food



About Kymyz

Kymyz treatment – kymyz is used for medicinal purposes. Kymyz – dairy drink that is made of mare’s (less often cow’s or camel’s) milk; It is known to nomadic people since ancient times. Kymyz for ‘kymyz treatment’ is prepared from raw milk through the process of fermentation of bacteria and yeast in the milk at temperature of 26-28°C. Ready kymyz is a fizzy-foamy drink with alcohol taste and smell.

Kymyz is a good diuretic and gall extracting remedy. This drink easily digested in a weak, exhausted body, and together with this, it also increases appetite; it improves food digestion and increases food intake in a small intestine, improving gastro-intestinal tract. Also, kymyz reduces cholesterol level in the body, which greatly increases the value of this healing drink. Rich iron content in kymyz, much needed to those suffering from anemia and is associated with an increase in hemoglobin in the blood, therefore Leukocytal formula improves.

Kymyz treatment is used for therapeutic purpose in lung tuberculosis or lymph nodes, emaciation, anemia, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, in the process of attenuation, as well as gives good results with dysentery and typhoid fever. There was established a germicidal condition of kymyz in terms of Eshenchia coli and other pathogenic microbes.

Kymyz has beneficial influence on functional disorders of the nervous system. Kymyz treatment is effective in benign neurosis.

It is found that after kymyz treatment course, patients, for longer and better, than usual sanatorium treatment, maintain their work ability, fitness and weight. This is because under the influence of kymyz treatment, thorough changes occur in metabolism, which then continue to occur in the future. Carbonic acid, saturating kymyz, makes a pleasant feeling of pinching in a mouth, and feeling of warmth in a stomach. With its anesthetic effect, carbon dioxide reduces an increased irritability of gastric mucous membrane. Kymyz contains a lot of vitamin C, three times higher than in cow’s milk. With great effect of kymyz treatment, it is used for washing fistula, instillation of gall-bladder, douching and vaginal swabs.

Weak kymyz affects intestines indulgently, medium and strong delay peristalsis.

Before kymyz treatment, it must be remembered that this particular drink – kymyz, is something you have to get used to. That is why doctors recommend starting drinking it in small quantities, under 50 millilitres, gradually increasing single intake of up to 250 millilitres or more, bringing the daily consumption of kymyz to three litres. Kymyz needs to be consumed as follows, up to six times a day, an hour or an hour an a half before meal. Contra-indications to the use of kymyz virtually non-existent. The only restriction is for gastritis patients with high acidity of gastric juice.

Stimulating the secretion of glands of stomach and intestines, kymyz, to some extent, enables to substitute a lack of hydrochloric acid in gastric contents. Drinking kymyz increases adaptability of protein and fat.

Medical science found that kymyz especially useful for urban population.

Strong natural kymyz contains up to 4.5% alcohol and therefore, is not used for therapeutic purposes. Patients undergoing a course of kymyz treatment, have a weak concentration kymyz (prepared during 24-hour period) and the average kymyz (prepared within 2 days), contains very small amount of alcohol (1-1.75%). Kymyz is a pleasant, refreshing, sour-sweet foamy drink.

High nutritional value of kymyz can be explained by not only the composition of milk. In kymyz fermentation fat remains unchanged, but the protein converts into easily digestive substances, and milk sugar into milk acid, ethanol, coal acid and a variety of aromatics. All of these create a high dietary kymyz, easy adaptability, pleasant taste and aroma.

An advice, which can be useful in selecting kymyz. It does not matter who is the producer or individual that made this drink, as long as it is in a hard plastic bottle. It becomes even harder due to continuing fermentation of the drink. Non-fermenting kymyz in a soft bottle can be not as delicious, and even unsafe for health.

It is made of mare’s milk. A ferment, containing lactobacilli bacteria and milk yeast, is added to mare’s (raw, not pasteurized) milk, which is then fermented at 30°C temperature during 8-10h period; stirred occasionally. For full maturity of kymyz it takes 12-15 hours.

Cow’s kymyz is mainly used which is made of skimmed milk with addition of 25% water and sugar. Kymyz made of cow’s milk, has the same properties as that of mare’s. Sugar sand (3 tea spoons for a 1litre) is added into partially skimmed cow’s milk, heated to boiling point and cooled to 30°C. Then 1% of ferment or a good previous production of kymyz is added and thoroughly mixed (for 10-15mins) until formation of foam. Fermentation process is at 30°C during 6-8 hours. After solidation, kymyz is stirred again and cooled to 16-18°C. It is then poured into bottles, tightly closed and put into fridge for 2-3 days.