Batken village Karabulak in the south of Kyrgyzstan has become very famous in the past few years to all people .These hills, according to the words of local people, are witnesses of pure and faithful love of two hearts. One amazing flower blooms there every spring and the local people usually tell a legend about it.
Once upon a time there was a rich man. He had a daughter Aigul by name with a face like a moon. She fell in love with a fearless warrior Kozu Ulan. But they didn`t play their wedding. Ulan perished and his heart was brought to his village. Aigul coudln`t bear this grief, met with her female friends, climbed on a top of the hill then jumped into the abyss. There was some stones, colored with Aigul blood and some beautiful flowers very soon appeared after this. Since that case these flowers are called Aigul flower and the rock – Aigultash.
It is told, that Aigul flower can be taken for ordinary lily flower or tulip, but it is not like this. There are some big drops of dew inside of the flower. The local people tell that they are Aigul`s tears. A rock which is opposite, has the name Ulan Kozu. Ulan and in the translation from kyrgyz language means “a dash of a wind”.
Kozu Ulan was famous with his fearlessness and as a protector of his motherland. He loved Aigul but his soldierly duty he put before his love. The happy parents had already prepared for the wedding but during a battle Ulan died with his reluctance to be captured. His heart was buried nearby Aigultash rock.
Thereby two souls of amorous people were united. Since that time people usually come to the place to look at the unique flower. The fabulous flower, fearless warrior and his girl friend Aigul are entrancing people with their beauty, patriotism and devotion.
Gul flower is a miracle Batken flower and it`s scientific name is “ryabchik-eduardo”. It is usually grows on the sun side of the mountains. It is the flower with a height 1 meter, long green leaves along all stalk .It`s red-yellow petals look like campanula. Aigul flower usually come out in April, that is why there is a special holiday in this area called as Flower holiday. The shoots appear only after 7 years and the first flower appears after next 7 years else in full moon! Then every year one vivid orange flower appears, that is why looking at Aigul flower, its easy to count its years. It is said that people met flowers 34 years old. It is also a big luck to watch how Aigul flower comes out.
The specialist specify that Aigul flower is endemic, which means it grows only in certain Batken area and nowhere anymore. It is bulbaceous plant begins to blow and gives offsprings after 7 years. It grows on the Turkestan chain, very unique, rare and under a status of the guard, decorative and beautiful. The biggest advantage of it is in vivid beauty of it`s flowers.
Also it is used in a oriental medicine – the unions are used for the treatment of stomach system and liver. It is in the Red Book .The area, where it grows, is used to be visited by many tourists and flowers were sold without control. Now it is under the guard of local government and it is forbidden to pick up these flowers and also to graze any animals in that area.